"I have nothing but positive things to say about G Amp Fitness Camp! You receive an awesome workout from amazing trainers that know how to push you to your potential and get you to your desired goals! Owners Russell and Gigi have created an environment where everyone is family.  Russell and Gigi are not just owners sitting in the office, they offer a personal touch to each and every member! They assist with workouts, motivate you when you need it, assure you are using proper body mechanics so you don't injure yourself, run side by side with you for support, and the list goes on and on! I have experienced their extraordinary commitment to my success and the success of our community! Give G Amp Fitness Camp a try, you will love it!" - Lisa B.

"Awesome ...... I think I'm the oldest one there but every one is up beat and have goals in mind .....Love it ....." - Dave L.

"I love G-Amp!! I just wish I would have started sooner!! I had a serious knee injury almost two years ago and aside for PT after my surgeries I had be very hesitant to work out. I highly recommend G-Amp. The workouts are challenging, the environment is fun, and the workouts are always changing. Most important to me, Russell has a background in physical therapy. He uses his knowledge to modify exercises not only for me but for anyone who may be recovering from injuries. G-Amp is a great place for anyone who is looking to get in shape or simply continue their workouts! Update 1/30/17 - Still loving G-Amp, it the best place for me to reach my fitness goals. After five weeks going 5x a week, our family went on vacation and I skied!! I thought I would have to wait at least another year but thanks to G-Amp's work outs I felt strong enough and confident enough to get back on skis!" - Norma B.

"I love this place, the community and the energy! Every workout is fun, different, challenging and the Coaches are always very motivating!! Coaches are also great on helping everyone with their form, which shows that they care and want the best for you!! I always leave drenched in sweat and am always excited to come back each day for more! It is a great workout for everyone of all levels of fitness and I love that everyone supports each other and pushes each other to be their BEST!"

- Peggy M. 


"I have been coming to G-Amp since it opened and look forward to coming every morning! The owners are great and staff is awesome! Love this gym and excited to see what the new year has to offer, they are so good at changing things up and keeping you motivated!" - Dinnelle J.